David immerses himself into your business, using a three-phase approach to pinpoint and remediate the primary trouble spots. 

1. Assessment

After a complimentary consultation, the assessment phase consists of detailed, hands-on review of the current state of affairs, with information gathered via various research-based methods: employee surveys, interviews, leadership assessments, worksheets, and personality testing.

2. Intervention Design

Based on his findings, David strategizes with key leadership in the goal-oriented intervention design phase. He guides all involved parties to the most effective solutions, which may include updates to the selection system for recruiting and hiring, executive and leadership coaching, training and development methods, performance management, company policies, or a combination of several based on the business’s individual needs.

3. Implementation

David does not simply present his ideas and leave the company to its own devices. He remains involved and supportive through the implementation phase, evaluating and reevaluating the effectiveness of the interventions and adjusting them as necessary.

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