Are personality assessments really evil / discriminatory / dangerous?

Sometimes…. (well… maybe not “evil”)

However, when used correctly and responsibly, these assessments can be an incredibly useful tool in your employee selection process!

Let’s go beyond the made-for-TV drama and discuss the nuanced truth about personality assessments as evidenced by decades of research:


1) Not all personality assessments are created equal… or even close to equal.

2) If you don’t have a clear and validated reason for using a personality assessment… Don’t use a personality assessment! (This is true for any & all types of assessments!)


3) Personality Assessments should never be used alone. They should be used to inform other tools in the selection process.


4) Talk to an expert (not a sales person) when you are deciding on using an assessment… make sure the assessment has been externally validated and make sure that you have a method for validating the assessment for use in your own organization!


5) Ensure that none of your assessments are having a disparate impact on (i.e. disproportionately favoring / disfavoring) peoples from any protected class(es). If it is… discontinue use immediately!

Your employee selection process is vital for your organization’s growth; for building effective and diverse teams that fit the job and the organization. When investing in tools and processes, you must ensure that those tools are actually and ethically working as intended. Personality assessments, when used correctly, can provide additional and invaluable insight into your candidates and help steer your decision. 



Stay well,