It’s 2020… we have all learned how to take a punch or two over the past 6 months. Hopefully we have learned to be a little more resilient in the face of adversity – whether that adversity comes in the form of a pandemic, wildfire, or racial injustice. The truth is that life will always challenge us and it is critical for our own well being that we develop mental and emotional toughness. 


However, while resilience is critical it would be absolutely absurd if sometime in the future we decided to stop trying to prevent pandemics… to stop standing against racial inequalities, and instead took the stance that American’s are tough! We are going to place all of our resources into training Americans how to toughen up… then we can stop worrying about viruses and racism… they can handle it! 


Too often, this is what we see in the workplace. We understand that cumulative stress often brought on by debilitating bureaucracy, ineffective leadership, and interpersonal conflict is causing our employees to burnout which then leads to increased turnover and reduced productivity.


We realize we need to do something! And so… we throw our resources into training our employees to ‘toughen up’ via resilience training. 


Again, resilience training IS important… (I incorporate mindset work in many of my trainings!) However, resilience training is only half the picture… we should be working on how to reduce the unnecessary stress entangled in our policies and cultures first! 


We need to stop focusing all of our energy on treating the disease of stress & burnout, and instead start working on how to prevent it in the first place.