Recently a LI connection of mine posted about a study that found that 80% of our thoughts are negative! The connection went on to talk about the importance of gratitude in overcoming this. Gratitude is important and there are a lot of real studies within Positive Psychology that argue this point (See Seligman). However, the 80% negative thought thing…

It turns out that consultants have been referring to the findings of this mystery study, that 80% of our thoughts are negative, for years! (I even found the “research” cited in an article.)

The study is always linked to the National Science Foundation (NSF). After doing some research of my own, using major journal searches (EBSCO, SAGE & PsychInfo) and finding nothing, I reached out to the NSF… Following a thorough search of their archives, they found NO evidence of the existence of this study.

I know what you’re thinking – why does any of this matter? The bottom line is that gratitude is important… right?

Wrong! In a world that now relies on “alternative facts” and “personal truths,” honest and objective research is more important than ever! When business owners are relying solely on their gut instincts and past experience and not seeing the results they need, consultants MUST supply them with honest and objective Evidence-Based solutions.

If you are a small business owner and want to rely on your gut instinct, go for it. But if you are branding yourself as a consultant, and helping these business owners overcome their challenges, you better be bringing more to the table…